Unsolicited notes from parents

To Everyone at Growing Concern,

Words alone could never express the gratitude we feel for all of you at The Growing Concern.  How blessed are we for the years our children have been able to learn, grow, play and develop at such a magical place.

For the love of a child your wonderful school was created.  Thank goodness!  For the love of our own children we were fortunate to be able to send them into your care for some of the most important years of their lives.

We are so very happy to be able to have experienced the love and learning of The Growing Concern.  Although, it is time to move on, we will always carry a piece of all of you with us in our hearts.

I, personally, am grateful to be able to return, to continue to share my own love with the children of The Growing Concern.

Teri Dellaria


Dear Growing Concern,

We want to thank each teacher and staff member who gave our grandson, Brogan, the most amazing early years of his life.  We wanted to wait until he was just about finished with his journey this past school year to contact you.  We can say that Brogan used all the tools and creative thinking that was so gently instilled in him from Kindergarten through fourth grade…(He had a great year).  All of your love, patience and professional decisions about each child attending the Growing Concern is one of the important reasons why children leave and continue to be successful.  We are grateful for the emotional, and academic support that you have given to our family.  We feel so proud of Brogan’s adjustment and academic success this year and just wanted to share this news with you as you clearly set the foundation for his future… We will be forever grateful.

Kevin and Joyce


Dear Teachers,

Keith and I would like to express our most enthusiastic and appreciative thank you to the staff of The Growing Concern and the students of The Growing Concern for a wonderful afternoon at the Book Fair!  The words, phrases and complete poems and stories of the children were colorful, thoughtful and creative.  Their artwork and literature story and product covers were vibrant, imaginative, and resourceful in the use and reuse of materials.  And the communication of the children’s developing value systems were clearly imparted in the literature they created – the children truly appreciate the wonder of the world’s creatures, the beauty of the world’s environments, the importance of overcoming obstacles and challenges in the moral lessons of their stories, and putting their best efforts forward in the presentation of the magnificent ideas.  The other thing that was clear to all of us is that The Growing Concern teachers and staff were essential and vital to the success of the children’s adventures throughout the year in developing their literary works!  Your time, energy, resourcefulness, and vision are infused in the children’s poems and stories, as well as the pride each child demonstrated when they shared their works aloud with each other and with the families of The Growing Concern.  Thank you to everyone for a wonderful afternoon!  It was a joy to be a part of such a delightful and splendid experience!  And a special thank you for all of your encouragement, guidance and support of Liam throughout the year in this endeavor!

Kelly, Keith, Tessa, and Liam S.


Dear Teachers,

Thank you so much for allowing me to observe your classroom.  I loved seeing the Montessori philosophy put into action.  I was also so impressed by the calm and loving atmosphere you created in your classroom.  I learned a lot!  Thank you, again!

Grace G.


Dear Jeanne,

Thank you for all that you do and have done for us.  We have always loved Growing Concern and feel very fortunate that our children can grow up in such a calm and nurturing environment.  I appreciate you and the staff.

Jennifer B.
May 2016


To Elementary Teachers,

Words cannot truly express our appreciation for everything you have done for Austin & Tara! We have been honored to have you as our children’s primary educators! For us it is the end of an era, yet the beginning of a new one for Austin & Tara.

We only hope that all parents realize the treasure that is the Growing Concern! Thank you for being the most dedicated teachers we know!

  Jill & Noel Burnley
June 2010


To Everyone at the Growing Concern,

Just a note to say thanks for all your family has done for our family for the better part of the past 10 years.  The transformation of Haley from a leg-clinging preschooler to the young lady who is growing in confidence is due in part to the encouragement and support she has received from everyone at the school.

We will certainly miss this wonderful school and hope that you are educating and nurturing children for many years to come.

Nancy & Gabe White



Please accept this donation as a token of thanks…for inspiring young minds who have built unique foundations at The Growing Concern.  May it also serve as a sign of our confidence in your future…as a place where the next generation will continue to find joy and accomplishment, simply because they “love to learn.”

Jill at Evergreen Community School


The following letter is from parents whose child spent several years in public school before attending Growing Concern.

June 2010
To Elementary Staff,

My husband & I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Alex.  As a parent, there is nothing worse than seeing your child struggle, to see the lack of confidence & fear in his eyes.  You have all been an answer to our prayers.  The changes in Alex have been amazing.

Everyday we send our son to school with a group of people who not only know how to help him learn, but who also truly care about him.  I cannot even begin to explain the joy that brings to my heart.  I have never seen Alex so happy to go to school or so confident in himself. The burden that has been lifted off his little shoulders is worth the world to me. We look forward to many more years with you.

K. Rueda